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Company Briefing

Global HK with The World’s Best Technology

The South Korean based company has independently developed and accumulated new technology since its founding in 1990. Based on machinery design technology optimized through strict structural analysis, HK has been manufacturing ultralight and high-precision laser cutting machines for decades. HK also provides press brakes, welding, deburring and automation solutions. The advanced R&D center and in-house technology training center ensure that HK is always on the cutting edge in the manufacturing industry.
Customer Value-Sharing Service and Globalization
HK has the national after-sale service network by which it can respond to customer’s needs within 2 hours: 11 CVS (customer value sharing) centers including the head office in Korea, so that we can minimize the possibility of equipment failure through BS (before service) service near customers. Not only the domestic network, but we also have around 40 dealer networks around the world overseas including 4 overseas branches (the USA, Germany, China, and Taiwan) to provide faster after-sales service than our competitors.
Social Responsibility
Since our founding, HK has promoted consistent and systematic social contribution activities. We sponsor ‘happy tree plus’ of Korean business council for the arts for adolescents in welfare centers. As stagnant water is bound to corrupt, but flowing water is clean, we will keep making an effort to float part of our profit into the society so that it can circulate in a healthy and beautiful way.
Company HK Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment May 30th, 1990
Main Office 117, Sareupjae-Gil, Yanggam-Myeon, Hwaseong-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Main Businesses Fiber, CO2, Tube, Special-Purpose Laser Cutting Machinery, Press Brakes, Deburring Machine, Automated Systems
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Request for Quotation
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